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  • Creative Ideas, Satisfied Clients We are an Agency of Corporative Identity that arises from the need to give the companies, a visual identity according to its objectives and communicate in a creative and effective manner to clients and prospects what the enterprise offers, allowing with this the increase of the position of the brand in its goal market. How? With effective Marketing, Branding and Publicity strategies.


JakeMate’s mission is to attend the needs of GRAPHIC DESIGN of the enterprises of the Bajio Region in Mexico, providing creative and professional quality services, seeking our clients’ satisfaction and giving our personnel the possibility to develop their professional abilities.


To be an Office of Graphic Design and Marketing leader in the Bajio Region and in continuous growing, that distinguishes for providing an excellent quality service to its clients, a sustainable profitability to its stockholders, an expansion of opportunities of professional and personal development to its employees and a positive contribution to society acting with a global citizenship commitment.


To satisfy the client’s established requirements, by complying the specifications, the delivery schedule, the required specifications and the quantities.


We increase our reliability applying the following principles:

  • Internal and external communication: We communicate everything sincerely, simple, precise, timely and customized.
  • Creativity and innovation: We anticipate the needs and wishes of our clients, coworkers and stockholders to create new and profitable forms of satisfaction.
  • Fulfillment: We deliver the agreed on time, exceeding the expectations.
  • Accomplishment: We do everything exactly and finish with precision that to which we commit taking care of every detail.


  • Commitment: Our commitment is to comply with the client in time and form to the established, as well as to form a tight link between them.
  • Confidentiality: As we are an enterprise that manages confidential information of our clients as well as our informants and we know its value, we guarantee total privacy attaining the information conferred.
  • Labor Development: To accomplish a work that attracts the individual and makes him satisfied while complying with the functions for which he was contracted. At the same time belonging to a working group that allows him to develop his skills and show his personal virtues while he makes himself and the enterprise a successful future.
  • Social Responsibility: As members of a society we have the conviction that richness belongs to society and our commitment is the respect to the resources that are provided by the environment.
  • Respect and Honesty: Respect is essential in the development of interpersonal relationships. That is why our commitment is to generate confidence with our employees, with our clients, with our informants and competitors.
  • Leadership: To guide our clients to the accomplishment of their objectives with creativity and effectiveness. As well as guiding our internal clients through the path of professionalism, ethics and morals.
  • Loyalty: Constantly seeking new and better ways to concrete lasting relationships with our clients, generating confidence and complying with the agreed.
  • Creativity: Thinking new ideas and developing them to find innovative solutions to the constant changes of the internal and external market.
  • Service: Generate the adequate conditions to offer our clients an aggregated value, taking care that all the activities we perform are focused to the identification and satisfaction of their needs.
  • Integrity: To be authentic with ourselves, authentic with others, doing what we have said we would do.
  • Professionalism: Locating inside the working area and acting in accordance with the technical and ethical standards required including the specialized knowledge, the autonomy in decision making and the commitment of service guided by the company’s objectives.


In occasions it is thought that we are communicating in the correct manner what we are and what we do, but the message to the client does not reach the client in the same way we thought. JakeMate allows through visual strategies that the company transmits from within its essence, that the company communicates in an effective manner with its goal market, feed backing and allowing an effective communication process, this is, that the message you send through your logo, publicity or marketing may be perceived as the company had expressed it in its objectives.


We design the advertising campaign ideal for your company taking in account your objectives and what the market seeks.


We graphically develop the visual elements of your company in order to communicate what we want to sale and establish a position.


We elaborate personalized consultancies in order to plan and develop Creative Marketing Strategies and like this widen the horizons of the company.


We design Magazines, Bulletins, Executive Reports, Manuals, among others, according to your requirements.


We design, according to your needs, the best option for your web page.


We adjust your Media budget to the best options of Printed Media, television or radio that adjusts your needs.


We support the companies whose publicity and marketing needs require an immediate attention. We maintain accessible prices without leaving aside an excellent quality in our services. We care to give our companies an excellent service, personalized and always informing week to week, the project status.

  • " El éxito y la prosperidad dependen de tu actitud."
  • "¡Everything is design, everything!"


In JakeMate we promote direct contact with the client in order to materialize graphical and strategically in the most effective, clear and creative manner the marketing strategies that your company requires. Our strategical planning is based on a previous analysis of the current market situation, of your company, of your internal environment and your competitors, to determine a project based on your strengths.

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Ejército Republicano #121-308, Corporativo Ejecutivo Carretas, Col. Carretas, Santiago de Querétaro Qro. CP.76050


(442) 962 05 81 a 83
Ejército Republicano #121-319
Corporativo Ejecutivo Carretas
Col. Carretas, Santiago de Querétaro Qro. CP.76050 MÉXICO

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